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Super 7s by Pragmatic Play for UK Online Slots 

 Pragmatic’s Super 7’s is a classic Vegas style UK Online Slots with a 96.5% return to player rating, with 5 paylines available across the fixed betway pattern and a display of 5 fruit symbol filled reels and 3 rows. The bonus features included in this game are very limited, with just wild and scatter symbols to keep things interesting. You can play Super 7’s here at and over 700 other games. 


 Super 7’s is a very basic slot, which is far from complex or unique. This game is based on an authentic casino slot machine and features all of the famous traditional symbols such as bells, bars and sevens. This game design is not for everyone, but is sure to impress those who want to enjoy a modern online slot with old fashioned design features. This game is a fairly new release, so the visuals are up to standard. However, there is nothing contemporary or complex about this game. This game may be suited well to beginner players, as the lack of bonus rounds and complex design features do make this a very simple slot to play.

The slot consists of a 96.5% return to player rating, which is above average in the world of variance. This slot is fairly volatile and does consist of a fair to good chance of winning, which is one advantage of this simple game. The payline pattern of this slot consists of very few ways to win, which matches up with more old fashioned games. There are just 5 ways to win in this game, which means the ways of accessing the payouts are limited which will make this game more challenging. Betway patterns are vital to consider as they literally determine how you win or play a game - so the fact this game has very few is a shame. After saying this, the RTP and overall variance of this game is pretty strong so there is still a fair chance to win a payout from this game. 

Super 7’s has a very traditional design, which means the game is fairly neutral and will attract a lot of players from beginner slot players to those who miss the simpler times of casinos. One of the most appealing areas of this game is the betting range, as it is highly flexible and allows room for a huge range of player styles. The minimum stake needed to enjoy this classical slot is £0.05, one of the cheapest access stakes I have ever seen. This design feature will allow players who want to place as little stake as possible to enjoy this game, which makes it very versatile. The maximum betting range of this game is set to £100 per spin, to ensure this game is accommodating of all strategies which players may use at this online slots casino.  

Payouts and Symbols 

 In Super 7’s, there is an element of simplicity in the design of this game. The overall theme is very neutral and reflects older casino slots, through the use of bells, bars and fruit symbols. With 5 reels and 3 rows, this game is incredibly easy to follow and also includes a simple payline pattern of just 5 ways of winning. This game is suitable for any player, especially if they miss the old fashioned style of slots. The game appears as an authentic slot machine found in a real casino, developed with the latest technology to make it accessible across all mobile and desktop devices to enjoy these famous casino games from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you may be. As far as payouts go, these are all the game has to offer with the lack of bonus rounds in this game - this leads to more focus on the main game which has resulted in higher payouts.

The one thing this game has going for it is the high payouts available, all of which are of multiplier value which will create a unique payout dependant on your original bet. If you bet with higher stakes and land paylines of 5 symbols, this is how you win the maximum available payouts of this slot. You can win up to 5,000x your stake in this game which can also create payouts up to £500,000 - this certainly is not bad for a slot as simple as this. Other payouts in the game include 100 and 200 times your stake, with another jackpot of 1,000 times your stake. All of these payouts can generate some pretty big payouts, especially for larger bets. To win the higher value payouts of this slot, be sure to look out for the lucky seven symbol which is the best value symbol in this game. 

Bonus Rounds 

 Super 7’s does not feature any bonus feature - you will not find any free spins in this game. With the lack of bonus rounds or features, this game is very simple to play and is extremely beginner friendly. Do not assume that the lack of bonus rounds leads to a lack of higher payouts, as this game offers the exact opposite. There is still up to £500,000 up for grabs and payouts such as 1,000 and 5,000 times your stake which are won using the special lucky sevens symbol which is the key focus of this entire game. 

About the Developers 

 Super 7’s is developed by Pragmatic Play, as one of their many simplified slots which combines modern development with old fashioned casino style games.

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