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North Storm by Rabcat for UK Online Slots

 Rabcat’s North Storm is a Norse Mythology themed UK online slot with medium variance and a nice 96.13% Return to Player Rating, featuring a 5 reel design with a betway format of 25 paylines across the game. Bonus features of this game include a Bonus Falls Feature with progressive multipliers, a Free Spins Bonus Feature, wild symbols and double multipliers. Play over 700 UK Online Slots at


North Storm is hitting high in all aspects of variance, giving it a very appealing look to all players at this online casino. Variance is vital when choosing the ideal slot for you, as it offers the likelihood of winning a payout or accessing bonus features in this slot. The RTP rate of this game is above average, with 96.13% as the variance rating. This rating is higher than usual online slots, meaning you may be more likely to win at this game in comparison to usual games. To help this even further, this slot offers a betway pattern of 25 ways to win - this is generous for a 5 reel game and works with the Win Both Ways feature, as well as diagonal and horizontal paylines to give you plenty of ways of winning.

The way to win in this game requires a payline of 3, 4 or 5 symbols, so with more than average paylines available, this is made easier. There are no complaints with the variance and paylines of this slot, as everything is either as it is supposed to be or even better.North Storm has a fairly dark visual and design, based on Norse Mythology and complete with Norse emblems and a stone reel. There is something slightly gloomy about the design of this game, although the overall style is very high quality and definition by Rabcat developers. This game can be played on mobile, tablet or desktop device at the choice of your preference.

Payouts and Symbols 

North Storm certainly is not for everyone - you have to enjoy a Norse Mythology theme, dark visuals, various bonus features and smaller stakes. Many online slots design theri betting ranges to include as many betting styles and players as possible, but it seems this game has not gone down the route of including people. To play this slot, your bet must be between the smaller range of £0.225 and £50, which is fairly limited as far as betting strategies go. This betting range will only appeal to certain players and does restrict the larger stakes, which excludes some players from enjoying this slot. This may be the only restriction in this otherwise strong game, as it does pose as an obstacle for some players. This smaller betting limit also makes the available jackpots lower in volume, as each payout is determined by a multiplier of the original stake, meaning lower stakes tend to equal lower payouts at this online casino. 

North Storm offers payouts from as small as 2x your stake, up to a huge jackpot of 3,387.24x your stake - this variation is huge and entirely depends on the symbol placed. This maximum jackpot is as a result of various bonus features activated at the time, and will not come around often. The jackpot in the main game is up to 2,500x your stake for a payline of 5 of the highest value symbols, which is easier to win but still a rare win - this can offer a maximum win of up to £125,000 which is a huge return from a £50 small stake. The higher value basic symbol of this game is the Norse emblems, which can give you up to 100x your stake or £5,000 as a total maximum win, which is not bad for a small betting limit. For higher wins in this game, you need to access the bonus features as these offer Double Multiplier Wins and progressive multipliers which can offer up to 4x your win, resulting in much higher payouts in this feature alone.

Bonus Rounds 

Although North Storm can look fairly simple and basic in design, this game offers plenty  of bonus features to explore to boost your chances of winning, offer higher payouts and much more fun throughout the slot. The Free Spins Bonus Round is perfect for making your stake last longer, and works to give you free spins to try more luck at the jackpot payout without adding more stake - this can include the higher payouts of up to 3,387.24x your stake. To access this feature, land a payline of 3-5 scatter symbols across one of the 25 paylines. At first, you will gain 8 free spins which will begin automatically.

For more free spins, you need to land a payline of another 3 scatter symbols which will add another 2 free spins to your win. There is a maximum of 20 free spins available here, which is not particularly high although still offers some help. During this feature, the double multiplier feature will also come into action - this means you can access various multipliers such as 2,x 4x, 6x and 8x which is added to your payout made during this feature, offering the exclusive win of 3,378.24x your stake. The Bonus Falls Feature is also another strong bonus which uses multipliers, offering progressive multipliers which begin at 1x, then rise up to 2x, 3x and 4x throughout the feature. 

About the Developers 

North Storm is developed by Rabcat, who use the latest development technology to make their games as innovative and flexible as possible  - they also enjoy adding various, sometimes very unique, bonus rounds to their slots to strengthen them even more.

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