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Golden Vault of the Pharaohs by High 5 Games for UK Online Slots

 The Golden Vault Of the Pharaohs is an Egyptian themed UK mobile slot by High 5 Games which offers a 5 reel format with 3 fixed paylines and a 96.71% return to player rate to offer high variance. Bonus features of this game include a Free Spins Bonus Game and some fairly high multiplier jackpot payouts. Play this game and over 700 UK Online Slots at


The Golden Vault Of the Pharaohs is a medium to high variance slot, which means there is an increased chance of winning at this game. Variance ratings should be taken very seriously and into consideration when choosing a slot to play, as it determines how likely or unlikely it is for players to win a cash payout in the game. Some slots offer high variance, like this one, whilst others are less appealing with low and medium variance ratings. This Egyptian themed online slot offers a very nice RTP rate or 96.71%, which is much higher than the usual medium variance for normal slots - this makes this game very appealing before you even get to know the design and bonus features of the game, as variance is easily the most important feature of all online slots.

There is one small thing that does let this game down in terms or variance, and that is the payline pattern which offers just 5 ways to win - this is very low for a 5 reel slot and does restrict this game slightly. When you compare this payline pattern to the usual 25 betway format for all 5 reel slots, this is a feature which lets this game down. If you can look past this limitation and see it as a more simplified way to play, then you are sure to find the high variance rating of this game more than appealing!

The Golden Vault Of the Pharaohs is an Egyptian themed online slot, spread across 5 reels and 4 rows for a very simple format. Designed by High 5 Games, this online slot features lots of vibrant golden symbols and an Egyptian desert backdrop complete with pyramids and animated effects. This is a modern slot newly released, so is very appealing to view with HD imagery and Egyptian themed audio features. This online slot offers compatibility across mobile, tablet and desktop devices at this online slots casino to allow it to be played on the move and at home.

Payouts and Symbols

The Golden Vault Of the Pharaohs has a particularly unique and interesting betting range, which has not been seen before In many online slots at this casino. This range is only appealing to certain players and may defer some, as it is slightly higher than you may expect. First of all, you need to be willing to place a stake a minimum or £0.60 per spin, which is much higher than the usual £0.10-£0.20 minimum required stake which all other games have at this online casino. This slot may appeal more to higher betting players due to this design, as it is considered one of the more expensive slots at this online slots casino. Also, this game offers a very high maximum limit of up to £450 per spin, which is also a rarity. This will appeal to any player looking for a rare, large betting limit which allows players to use high volume stakes in the hope of producing higher payouts. 

The Golden Vault Of the Pharaohs’ betting ranges is important as this game works with multiplier payouts, meaning every win is calculated from your original stake. This means that smaller stakes offer smaller wins and higher stakes bring in the big money, as in all online slots. A multiplier payout system combined with a high maximum stake limit of £450, can lead to some huge payouts at this online casino - which is brilliant news for those looking to make the most of the maximum stake limit of this game. There is a maximum payout of up to £1,500,000 which is only available through the maximum stake allowance. Payouts vary from as little as 2x your stake, which can create big payouts depending on your bet, and up to 10,000x your stake which can easily turn smaller stakes into huge payouts at this online casino. Every payout depends on your original stake at the time, and the symbol you place across the payline. For the maximum wins, aim for paylines of 5 wild symbols as these are the jackpot paylines of this game. For the highest possible payouts, use higher stakes to generate big returns using the multiplier system.

Bonus Rounds 

The Golden Vault Of the Pharaohs offers some bonus features to keep things engaging and also offer extra chances at winning, to help players out in making the most out of their stake and payouts easier to win at this online slots casino. The main bonus feature of this slot has to be the Free Spins Bonus Round, accessed through a simple payline or 3-5 scatter symbols of the game. This feature gives you up to 200 free spins, which is sure to give you a nudge in the right direction towards a payout. Free spins work to make your original bet last longer, by essentially allowing you to play the slot for free. This game also features wild modifiers, multipliers and locked Wilds which contribute to making winning a little easier - not that they are needed as this online slot already boasts high variance. 

About the Developers 

The Golden Vault Of the Pharaohs is developed by High 5 Games, featuring their usual consistent theme which includes excellent visuals and coordinating bonus rounds.

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