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Easter Island by Yggdrasil for UK Online Slots

Yggdrasil’s Easter Island is a tropical themed UK Online Slots with 5 reels and 3 vertical rows, described as a medium variance game with a 96.1% return to player rating and a varying betway pattern which can offer an already generous 27 ways to win which can increase up to 103 paylines! The bonus features of this slot boast an Expanding Reels Feature for increased variance and an Expanding Wilds Feature. You can play Easter Island here at UKOnlineSlots.com.  


Easter Island is another cutting edge, modern online slot brought to you by Yggdrasil - known for their creativity when it comes to themes and bonus rounds. If you are tired of the usual design of slot with the same-old free spins bonus features and basic payline patterns, this game offers the perfect break from the norm with unique and original visuals and bonus features to enjoy. The game maintains a fairly simple design, with just 5 reels and 3 rows to offer some form of traditionalism in the game - although there are slightly complex features added such as expanding reels which offers extra benefits, but a more complicated gameplay. The Expanding Reels feature is the unique selling point of this game, as it gives players the chance to increase the variance of this game to offer more paylines and a higher chance of winning, something not many slots have the ability to do.

The game offers a RTP rating of 96.1%, which is perfectly normal and standard which means this game is not too complicated but also not too easy - the variance is medium and offers an average rate of volatility for a fair game for players to choose. The slot consists of a payline pattern which begins at a generous 27 betways, although this can increase even more up to a whopping 103 ways to win throughout the bonus features, which is an impressive payline pattern for a game with just 5 reels available. Overall, this medium variance slot offers a  chance to increase the already fair chance of winning, which certainly makes it appealing to any player - although be prepared for some complex bonus features in this game!

Easter Island is developed byYggdrasil to offer something different for all players to enjoy, meaning they have opted for a wide betting range which is entirely flexible to all player choices. The betting range of this game requires a minimum stake of £0.20, and players cannot bet past the £100 per spin limit. This betting range is very flexible and allows a huge range of players to enjoy this game, offering room for all stakes low to high at this online slots casino. As well as accessibility, this betting range makes room for some huge potential wins - with a stake as high as £100 per spin, you can reach some hugely impressive payouts using the multiplier payout system of this slot. 

Payouts and Symbols 

Easter Island is based in a tropical, picturesque setting of a sunny island in spring. The game consists of a colourful background with green fields, flowers and rolling hills complete with an Easter Island head in the distance. This game is beautifully designed, although we always expect this level of quality from these highly skilled developers. The game is 5 reels and 3 rows in size, offering a small and manageable reel. The symbols used in this game include unique wooden designs of the classic card royals, which as always, are used to create the lower value payouts of the game which can include wins as low as 0.5x your stake. The higher value symbols include a red eagle, which is appropriately eye catching - this will payout a value of 500x your stake which can offer a maximum return of £50,000 for a hugely impressive payout at this online slots casino. This is the maximum win available in this slot, as there are no bonus features designed to increase payouts. This payout is made slightly easier to reach through the bonus features designed to make jackpot payouts within reach - this includes the likes of symbol swaps and expanding wilds which work to encourage a high value payout of 500x your stake in this game. 

Bonus Rounds 

Easter Island uses some fairly unique bonus features, unlike your usual basic collection of free spins and multipliers. This game makes use of a Symbol Swap Feature, which is designed to increase the potential of a jackpot payout by swapping out the lower value symbols for the higher paying red eagle, offering potential access to the jackpot of 500 times your stake. There is also an Expanding Reels Feature which makes the game slightly more complex, but much more volatile. This feature increases the payline pattern from 27 to 103 ways to win, by expanding the reels and adding more symbols to your screen - this can make variance higher and your chance of winning any payout increases. There is also an Expanding Wilds Feature which has the ability to stretch your wild symbols to an entire reel, which also encourages a jackpot payout in this game. All bonus features of this slot are designed to push you in the direction of the 500x your stake payout, and all of them are helpful. You may miss free spins and multipliers in this game, although there are more than enough bonus features to keep you occupied in this game.

About the Developers 

Easter Island is developed and designed by Yggdrasil, famously known for their clean imagery and engaging themes. These developers always deliver on visuals, making many of their online slots hugely popular at this online casino.

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