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Vegas Strip Blackjack by Switch Studios for UK Online Casino

Vegas Strip Blackjack UK online casino made by Switch Studios is a casino classic redefined and with a minimalist design, a high variance with 99.65% return to player. You can play Vegas Strip Blackjack and over 700 other UK online slots here at UK Online Slots with 500 Free Spins on First Deposit.

Vegas Strip Blackjack Casino

Vegas Strip Blackjack Fact Box
Developer Switch Studios
RTP 99.65%

Switch Studios have created a series of Vegas Blackjack slots set in various locations, Vegas Strip Blackjack being the UK online slot which is on the infamous Las Vegas Strip, the hub of casinos and gambling. Complete with the usual strong quality of Switch Studios development, this online slot is a high definition design of an authentic Blackjack table. Compatible with HTML5 and JavaScript, this online slot can be played anywhere you are to bring the atmosphere of a Las Vegas casino to you. The design of this game takes players to the forefront of a real Blackjack table, finished with green felt and a virtual card dealer, who is integral to this slot. Before the game begins, you have the chance to place your own bet between the range of £0.10 to £200 per spin.

This betting range allows players of this online slot UK to customise their payout and strategy - as this game runs on odds, you receive a payout which is influenced by your chosen stake. This game may be slightly daunting for beginner players who are unfamiliar with the rules of Blackjack, as it requires understanding of the strategy and rules of this slot. The general gist of Blackjack is being the player with a hand of cards which equals to 21, or as close to this value as possible. The odds given in Vegas Strip Blackjack is 3:2, the standard rate of odds for these Switch Studios online slots. You are given eight cards at first, and a series of options to take your strategy throughout the game. If your hand of cards goes above the value of 21, this is known as ‘busting’ and is a loss for the player. There are various options to choose throughout this game, which are typical of a Blackjack slot. These include the use of an Insurance bet, which adjusts the odds to 2:1 for a potentially higher value payout. This online slot comes with the split, re-split, hit split aces, double, double after split and dealer peak options to bring some strategy into this slot.

The only limitations offered in this version of Blackjack, is the lack of the surrender and side split features. When a player splits their deck, they split their hand into two hands of cards using two separate stakes. The re-split option is a rare addition to Vegas Strip Blackjack, which allows players to create even more hands of cards, increasing their bet options more. The hit split aces feature gives players two chances to hit that all-important value of 21 in that round, which can be a great feature. The double feature of Blackjack allows players to double up their bet to increase the potential payout, which is beneficial when things are looking good for your hand. To summarise, this online slot is a great choice for players who enjoy games of strategy here at UK Online Slots. Although this game may not be for everyone, it will be a huge hit for those who enjoy a traditionally inspired slot.