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Vegas Single Deck Blackjack by Switch Studios for UK Online Casino

Vegas Single Deck Blackjack UK online casino made by Switch Studios is a casino classic redefined, with feature of Insurance, Double Down and Split Hands, a high variance with 99.69% return to player. You can play Vegas Single Deck Blackjack and over 700 other UK online slots here at UK Online Slots with 500 Free Spins on First Deposit.

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Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Fact Box
Developer Switch Studios
RTP 99.69%

Vegas Single Deck Blackjack is part of Switch Studios’s Vegas Blackjack UK online slot series, which brings the authentic casino to the comfort of your own home on any compatible device here at In front of you, is a rather standard looking Blackjack table, with simple and easy to follow button features across the screen. As in all Blackjack games, this online slot relies on making your hand of cards as close to the value of the dealer’s cards as possible. The general rule of this slot is to keep your value of cards below 21, as going above this value is known as ‘bust’ which means an instant loss. There is a sense of strategy required in playing this slot, as there are a lot of rules and strategies to follow when playing any Blackjack game at this online slots casino.

As long as you know these rules, there is potential to win pretty high payouts in this Switch Studios slot. As in many Switch Studios Vegas Blackjack slots, this game offers a Return to Player Rating of 99.69% to give players a highly volatile slot which can give out a very fair number of payouts. The odds given in this online slot is 3:2, which differs between every version of a Blackjack slot - this is a rather high level of odds, which has potential for players to turn their stake into big money if the cards are on their side. Once you have entered your set stake, which must be between the range of £0.10 to £200 per spin, you are taken to the front of the green Blackjack playing table. The graphics of this game are designed by Switch Studios to appear as an authentic casino environment, creating a virtual casino experience from your mobile, tablet or desktop.

Throughout this game, there are various options and strategies you can take. These include splitting your cards, which is used when you are dealt with two cards of the same value - you split your hand of cards to two separate bets. There is also the option to hit, which is where players can pick up an additional card for the purpose of getting closer to that 21 value goal. You can also double up, which is most helpful when you have a value of 9/10 as it can double your value to make up the difference towards the 21 value. There is also the chance to make an insurance bet, which is another form of strategy used by players of Blackjack. When insurance bets are placed, the odds go to 2:1. To summarise this online slot UK, this game is ideal for those who prefer playing traditional, casino style games of strategy. If you prefer to do some thinking and interact more with your online slots, this is ideal as it leaves less to ‘chance’ as in your standard online slot here at UK Online Slots casino.