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Vegas Downtown Blackjack by Switch Studios for UK Online Casino

Vegas Downtown Blackjack UK online casino made by Switch Studios is a casino classic redefined and with features of Insurance, Double Down and Split Hands, a high variance with 99.62% return to player. You can play Vegas Downtown Blackjack and over 700 other UK online slots here at UK Online Slots with 500 Free Spins on First Deposit.

Vegas Downtown Blackjack Casino

Vegas Downtown Blackjack Fact Box
Developer Switch Studios
RTP 99.62%

 Vegas Downtown Blackjack is one of many UK online slots by Switch Studios which combines the atmosphere of Vegas with a classical Blackjack slot, made available across a range of compatible devices to bring the magic of authentic casinos into your own home, here at As players of Blackjack will know, this online slot requires knowledge of the rules and basics of the casino game, as there is an element of strategy involved in playing this online slot. Unlike other standard slots here at this online slots casino, you need to know how Blackjack works to be able to gain anything from this slot.

Firstly, this online slot offers a 99.62% return to player rate which is a very high rate of variance, giving players the benefit of a high chance of winning at least their stake back. The odds offered by the Blackjack dealer in Vegas Downtown Blackjack is 3:2, which is a fairly standard set of odds for this style of game to offer. The rules of Blackjack are rather simple - each player is given a hand of eight cards in total. The aim of the game is to have the hand which values as close to 21 as possible - no higher. This places all importance on the cards you are given, which adds a sense of pot-luck to this online slot.

The strategy really comes into action when the cards are handed out and you have to choose your movements. These movements can include ‘Hit’, which is when a player draws an extra card - this is for the purpose of edging closer to the value of 21, although you risk going over. The ‘Double’ feature can be used in the first two rounds, where players can place down an additional bet if they are feeling confident with their cards, to affect the odds and potential returns of the slot. ‘Split’ in Blackjack refers to when a player plays two cards separately with two different bets, if they are dealt within the same rank. This UK online slot also comes with the Insurance feature, which is significant when the card dealer holds an Ace. This is when players can choose to place a side bet, which affects the odds and improves potential payouts.

In Vegas Downtown Blackjack, players can place stakes between £0.10 and £100 per round, which can be adjusted throughout the gameplay via the various Blackjack rules and features. There is potential to win pretty high payouts in this slot, although you do need a sense of the Blackjack basic rules to be able to do so. This online slot will be suitable to those who prefer a game of strategy as opposed to your average modern slot, as well as those who want to enjoy a more interactive and authentic slot to appear as a real casino experience. This online slot is compatible with most major mobiles and tablets, and can also be enjoyed on any desktop device from the comfort of your own home.