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Live Roulette for UK Online Slots

 Live Roulette is a virtual, live version of European Roulette which can be played with other players and a real croupier for an authentic casino gameplay at this online casino. This is a high variance game which can be played at across over 700 UK Online Slots and casino games. 


 European Roulette is one of the most popular casino games which has been played in authentic casinos, and online, for many years. This traditional online slot game offers traditional betting with straightforward payouts, with a simple design and an authentic casino experience from the comfort of your own home. European Roulette is a casino game in which players place bets on  a certain outcome number, which is revealed through a spin of the wheel which will randomly select the number. Players can bet a variety of options, with the more exact estimates offering the higher payouts. You can bet on the outcome being even or odd, with a 50% chance of either outcome to offer a fairly basic payout.

You can also bet on the colours of the outcome, either red or black, which offers the same 50% chance and standard payout. You can also bet exact numbers, which are much lower in likelihood and therefore higher in payout. To summarise, the more likely the bet is to be true, the less the payout available - this is where strategy and risk taking comes into action. How you bet is entirely up to you, and can determine whether you are more of a risk taker or a safe-playing individual. There are numbers 1-36 on the reel, so you are not faced against 1/100 odds, and do have a slightly improved chance of winning. This means that the jackpot wins can pose as a 1/36 chance, which is not too bad.

The general rule of European Roulette is if you place a bet on the first 12 digits, your bet will be awarded a 3x your stake payout - this is the higher payout of the game. This can create some huge payouts which entirely depends on your original bet. Like in all online slots at this online casino, if you place higher stakes you will be rewarded with the higher payouts, as the overall rule of all casinos.  As expected from a Live Roulette game, this online slot does not feature any bonus features as it replicates an authentic casino gameplay and is very different to your usual UK online slot. 

Payouts and Symbols

 The aspect which makes Live Roulette so unique, as that you are playing with a real croupier and against real players. Instead of playing against a computer which can be tedious, you have the benefit of interacting with other players as though you are in a real casino environment. This creates a very interactive online slot which is perfect for sociable people, and offers a virtual European Roulette gameplay. This allows to replicate the real casino experience from the comfort of your own home, allowing for some competing against other people and the confidence that the game is not against a computer but a real croupier.

You choose your own stake in Live Roulette, which will directly impact the payout received - with a maximum of 3x your stake up for grabs for certain bets. The bets which are allowed in this online slot begin at a minimum of £0.50, which is a reasonable stake however this is unlikely to generate a very high return at this online casino. You can bet up to £2 per spin, which means all stakes placed in this particular slot are kept fairly low. How you choose to bet is your choice and is where the real strategy comes into play - as each win is based on multipliers, your stake will create your own unique value of payout.

Bonus Rounds

 Live Roulette is designed to offer as authentic of an online slot as possible, with realistic imagery and a real life croupier. This online slot is perfect for those looking for a real casino experience without leaving your home, offering crisp HD visuals to complete the theme. This online slot is complete with a real European Roulette table, with an authentic croupier to create as real of a gameplay as possible. There are no significant visuals or colours to this game, as it is designed to be as close to a real casino as possible. This game is perfect for those who prefer authentic casinos over online slots, as this presents it in the best possible way with full interactivity and easy to navigate touch-to-bet features. 

About the Developers

 If you enjoyed Live Roulette, chances are you are a sociable person who enjoys interacting with other players. You will also be a fan of European Roulette, as this entire UK online slot is based on this popular, authentic casino game. This online slot is not your usual game at this online slots casino, as it requires much more strategy than spinning the reel in the hope of a payline. This can be a breath of fresh air to some, but for others can feel complicated or boring. Live Roulette is much more interactive and engaging than other online slots, simply because you are playing against other players and a real croupier.

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