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Classic Blackjack by Switch Studios for UK Online Casino

Classic Blackjack UK online casino made by Switch Studios is a casino classic redefined, with 99.44% return to player. You can play Classic Blackjack and over 700 other UK online slots here at UK Online Slots with 500 Free Spins on First Deposit.

Classic Blackjack Casino

Classic Blackjack Fact Box
Developer Switch Studios
RTP 99.44%

Classic Blackjack brings the traditional casino game to the comfort of your own home, in this UK online slot developed by Switch Studios. This is a classical style of slot if ever there was one, due to the design to replicate a real Blackjack table - one of the most long-standing casino games. Before your eyes, you will see an authentic looking blackjack table, presented with some high quality visuals, audio and video animation to make the gameplay seem as real and authentic as possible, here at You view the online slot as though you are sat at the Gaming table, in front of the card dealer who moves throughout the slot. There is the standard Blackjack horseshoe of cards in front of you, split into eight different decks of cards. You play Classic Blackjack alongside other players, placing all of your stakes at the same time.

As in all Blackjack online slots, the betting range is rather flexible and allows players to personalise how much they choose to opt in. Once stakes are placed, players will take a look at their hand of cards. The aim of the game is to have a value of as close to 21 as possible - this is made up of eight different cards, valuing from 1 to 10 in spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds. The most valuable card which all players desire is the ace, as this can lead to instant wins and ‘flushes’. Your value of cards must not go above the value of 21, this is known as ‘busting’. The player closest to the value of 21 will win the odds, which can vary from 3-2 to 2-1 in this UK online slot. The dealer of the game also has a hand of cards - if his hand ‘busts’ the value of 21 and yours remains a below, this can also be a win for you.

There are various buttons to press to personalise your game. Classic Blackjack is a game of strategy, which Is why it’s not for everyone at this UK online slots casino. Choosing the ‘hit’ option will pick up an extra card. The ‘stand’ to pass the round and stick with your hand of cards - this is where bluffing can come into action. Click ‘double’ to double your given stake, which can make beneficial changes to the payouts and odds available in the game.  Choosing the ‘split’ option will split your deck of cards, which means you will then be playing with separate stakes for each hand. To summarise, this slot is a great addition to this online slots casino as it brings an authentic casino experience to your mobile, tablet or desktop device. Playing with other virtual players can make a slot more enjoyable and interactive. Although, it is recommended you are aware of the rules and concept of Blackjack before adding stake to this game, as this is a slot of strategy as opposed to sheer luck like other modern slots.