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What Is The Prize Breakdown For Set For Life?

What Is The Prize Breakdown For Set For Life?

The "Set For Life" game by the National Lottery introduces a distinctive chance for participants to win a steady monthly revenue over many years. This game stands out because, unlike typical lotteries that offer one-off payments, "Set For Life" awards a continuous income, establishing a prize system that's hard to find elsewhere. 

Set For Life Payouts

The payment method in "Set For Life" diverges markedly from traditional lottery payouts. This game is celebrated for its unique approach. 

By matching five numbers along with the Life Ball, participants can win £10,000 monthly for three decades, resulting in a total prize worth £3.6 million. A second-tier prize gives £10,000 each month for one year, summing up to £120,000, for matching five numbers. 

Smaller prizes are also available for those matching fewer numbers, offering immediate cash rewards. 

What Do You Get For 2 Numbers On Set For Life?

Securing a win with just two numbers in "Set For Life" still counts. A match of 2 numbers awards £5, and if you match them with the Life Ball as well, the prize doubles to £10. The likelihood of winning any prize is approximately 1 in 12.4, and for the jackpot/top prize, it's around 1 in 15.3 million. 

Set For Life Prize Breakdown

"Set For Life" boasts eight prize levels, each offering different rewards: 

  • Five numbers plus the Life Ball nets £10,000 monthly for 30 years.
  • Five numbers alone grant £10,000 monthly for one year.
  • Four numbers plus the Life Ball yields £250.
  • Four numbers are worth £50.
  • Three numbers plus the Life Ball earn £30.
  • Three numbers give £20.
  • Two numbers plus the Life Ball are valued at £10.
  • Two numbers win £5.

Note: These are the prizes recorded by the National Lottery at the time of writing; they can change at any time, so be sure to check the specific game rules and procedures for yourself before playing. 

What Time Are Set For Life Numbers Drawn?

Draws for "Set For Life" happen bi-weekly (twice a week), although the precise time of the day can fluctuate. For exact timings, it's advised to consult the National Lottery directly. 

How Do You Check Set For Life Numbers?

To check your numbers for "Set For Life," simply visit the official online portal. The site lists draw outcomes from the past six months. Select the date of the draw you entered to compare your numbers with those drawn. 

Can You Take a Lump Sum From Set For Life?

A notable distinction of "Set For Life" from other lottery formats is its payment plan. Winners do not receive a lump sum but a fixed monthly income for a predetermined duration. No lump sum alternative is offered; thus, jackpot winners are entitled to £10,000 monthly for 30 years, and second-tier winners receive the same amount but for one year. 


In essence, "Set For Life" offers an exclusive annuity prize model over one-time lump sums, with one-off awards for less than five matches. Despite its unconventional setup compared to typical lotteries, the process remains straightforward: purchase a ticket, await the draw, and check if your numbers align with those announced. 

Remember to engage in gambling responsibly.