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Lurking Slot Machines - Does It Work?

Lurking Slot Machines - Does It Work?

In the world of gambling, a variety of strategies have been devised by players in an attempt to outsmart the system. The practice of "lurking" around slot machines is one such tactic. This article delves into the concept of lurking and whether it is effective or not. 

What Does Lurking Slot Machines Mean?

"Lurking" around slot machines refers to the act of observing other players as they spin the reels, waiting for them to eventually give up and stop playing. The lurker then swiftly occupies the vacated slot machine, hoping to cash in on a potential jackpot that they believe is imminent after a series of unsuccessful spins by the previous player. 

Does "Lurking" Work?

Despite the lurker's belief in this strategy, the reality is that lurking around slot machines is essentially futile. This is due to the fact that slot machines employ Random Number Generators (RNGs) to decide the outcome of each spin. These RNGs ensure that every spin has a random outcome that is unpredictable. The outcomes are independent, meaning past results have no impact on future outcomes. This makes it impossible to predict if or when a win will occur, irrespective of how long the machine has been played. 

Consequently, observing a player endure a series of losses does not influence the future spins or outcomes of the game. Therefore, lurking can be viewed as a waste of time. 

Is Lurking Slots Illegal In Casinos?

While lurking is not illegal, it is often frowned upon within casinos. Casino management has the right to ask individuals exhibiting such behaviour to leave the premises, as it can be very offputting to the player currently at the slot machine.

So, while there may be no legal consequences to lurking, the casino can ask the lurker to leave as the behaviour can be viewed as intimidating. 

Why You Shouldn't Lurk Slot Machines

There are several reasons why lurking is discouraged. 

Could be considered rude

Firstly, lurking can be perceived as disrespectful or annoying. Constantly hovering over another player's shoulder while they are engaged in a game can be irritating and intrusive. It may also impose an unnecessary sense of urgency on them. Rather than lurking, it is more respectful to approach the player and politely request them to notify you when they have finished playing if you wish to play that specific slot machine. 

You could be asked to leave the casino

As previously mentioned, if caught lurking, the casino staff reserves the right to request you to leave. In some extreme cases, you could even face a ban from the casino. 


In conclusion, lurking is generally not viewed as a viable strategy for playing slot machines. It is behaviour that can be seen as intimidating and could lead to removal from the casino. Also, since slots operate on RNGs, the chances of winning on a given slot machine are the same on every spin. So, lurking to try and capitalise on another player's losing streak is a fundamentally flawed strategy.