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Centurion by Inspired Gaming for UK Online Slots 

 Inspired Gaming’s Centurion Maximus Winnus is a medium variance ancient Roman themed UK Online Slots with a fair 95% return to player rate. This themed game includes a 5 reel and 3 row display set in cartoon Ancient Rome and offers a fixed payline pattern of 20 ways to win in total. The bonus features of this slot include wild symbols, a free spins bonus feature and 4 random modifiers in the main game. You can play Centurion Maximus Winnus here at UKOnlineSlots.com or choose from one of our 700 slots online. 


 Centurion Maximus Winnus is a slot developed by Inspired Gaming, based on the Ancient Rome era complete with visuals of Julius Caesar himself. The design of this game is 5 reels and 3 rows in size, featuring a royal blue reel with a stunning backdrop of the ruins of Ancient Rome. If you prefer a cultural slot which focuses on a specific era, this slot is a brilliant choice to play as it offers a simplified reel design with some very helpful bonus features throughout. The RTP rating offered in this slot is set to 95% at this online casino - this is pretty normal for a 5 reel slot, although could also be considered to be on the lower side of variance. Many other games have a higher volatility than this, although this slot will be of appeal to anyone looking for a challenge. The fixed payline pattern of this slot is 20 ways to win, which includes right and left directions of payout. All variance features of this game are fairly standard and not exactly overwhelming, although it’s nice to know that this game adheres to all of the usual expectations of variance at this online casino and gives players a fighting chance to win a payout from every stake placed in the game.

Centurion Maximus Winnus has a betting range which stretches wide enough to allow multiple betting styles - if you want to play lower stakes to keep risk low, or place higher stakes to attract bigger wins, then you can do both of these and everything in between in this online slot. The minimum stake requirement to enjoy this Roman themed slot is £0.20 per spin, which is the standard access stake offered by the majority of slots at this online casino. The maximum stake limit of this game is pretty high, offering players the chance to bet up to £200 per spin in this game to offer the option to place higher stakes. This slot is suitable for pretty much anyone, due to the flexible betting options which are available. 

Payouts and Symbols 

 Centurion Maximus Winnus is full of unique visuals, all centred around the theme of Ancient Rome. If historic slots tend to interest you, this game is a great pick to play as the visuals and graphics designed by Inspired Gaming are brilliant. The reel is set against stone ruins of Ancient Rome, complete with a royal blue reel of 5 reels and 3 rows - easily and well spaced out for direct paylines which can be instantly noticed. The betway pattern of this slot is also very simple and easy to follow, with the aim being to land 3-5 of the same symbols in order to win a payout. Some symbols even access bonus features which can lead to higher payouts - the bonus symbols of this slot include the scatter symbol and the game logo which offer access to the main bonus rounds.

The payouts of this slot are fairly randomised and can offer a wide range of payout volumes, some of which can be as little as 0.5x your stake. The jackpot of this game is set to 250x your stake, which is expected from a slot which offers a high betting range in order to balance the payouts out in the game. The payouts of this game are not the best I have ever seen, but they can create some pretty high stakes considering your bet is fairly high. You can win up to £50,000 if you are a higher betting player in this game and manage to land the jackpot payout which is won through a payline of 5 wild symbols. 

Bonus Rounds 

 Centurion Maximus Winnus is complete with various bonus games added to the slot, which work to increase your chances of winning - something you can certainly use in a slot which only offers 95% at this online casino. There are ; randomly activated modifiers which can take action at any time to enhance your main game, which include a Big Win bonus which offers a guaranteed win, Super Bonus Reel which adds bonus symbols to your reel,  Five Of A Kind feature which offers one in five payouts awarded to you and a Reelus Maximus which adds the 3x3 colossal wild symbols to your reel.

These modifiers can seriously help you out in reaching a payout, sometimes even a jackpot payout. The other bonus features in this roman slot include a Road to Rome cash trail feature where you access a mini bonus game and roll a dice to move across a board, collecting multipliers along your way which are collected at the end for a payout. There is also a Caesar’s Free Spins Feature which will offer a series of free spins to use as well as progressive multipliers to create much higher payouts in the feature. There is also a Prizes On Parade themed feature which is the prize pick feature of this game, offering wins up to 250x your stake in the feature. 

About the Developers 

 Centurion Maximus Winnus is developed by Inspired Gaming - these developers produce very different themed slots across their work, offering something new and unique with every game you play.

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